The Missing Colour

Long time, no posting! ^^’

In February this year, the writing platform, Sweek, conducted a writing competition for Valentines’ Day. This story is my official entry for the competition, and although the competition got over a long time ago, I’d love for you to read, share and send your feedback!

Enjoy! XD

The Missing Colour

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A Teenager

This is for the most misunderstood humans on the planet. 😛
Enjoy! 😀
DISCLAIMER: The poem is NOT a true story or self-reflection. Just the rantings of any average teenager.


I am a teenager,
I do my chores daily,
I grumble as I do them,
But I do them all the same.

I am a teenager,
I have homework every day,
I grumble ’cause I’m tired,
But I write it anyway.

I am a teenager,
And I am an emotional disaster,
I grumble ’cause I’ve mood swings,
That keep swinging through the day.

I am a teenager,
I have a younger brother and sister,
I grumble ’cause they’re annoying,
But I’m protective of them all the same.

I am a teenager,
And suddenly THAT person is cute,
I grumble ’cause I used to hate him,
And we are enemies to this day!

I am a teenager,
And I’m often misunderstood,
I grumble ’cause they’re mistaken,
But I’m patient all the same.

I am a teenager,
I am not a kid any more,
I grumble ’cause I want to be,
As free as a bird once more.

But I am a teenager,
And I have decisions to make,
I grumble ’cause the time has come,
But I knew it would come anyway.

So I say that I’m a teenager,
And no extraordinary one either,
I grumble ’cause I know this,
But I’m happy it’s this way!

– Rithika Cherukat 🙂

Introductions: A Formal Headache

My first audience with a possible seven billion and a definite five… wow, ain’t that a good feeling! Well then, hello World!
If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Introductions are a pain in the neck. I never know what I want to say, what the person I’m introducing myself to wants to know about me, I fumble, cheeks flushed, and….phew! Finally over! It’s Treasure getting to know different people, but introductions? *Shakes head vigorously*

But it’s still a formality, isn’t it? Oh well… I’ll try to make a pretty picture without boring anyone.

My name is Rithika Cherukat, though I’ve a string of other names my friends and family call me, and I won’t be surprised if they read this and think, ‘Wait, that’s her actual name?’ Yes, I suppose it is.
I’m your average sixteen year old studying in DPS, Kuwait, I prefer ‘fairly smart’ to the cliched term ‘Nerd’, a Pinterest addict, and… and I love to write. I’d write anything on everything around and about me, because I believe that every person and every object has a story to tell, and we only have to look closely to know.

That’s one reason I started this blog.

The other?

Writing is my way of expressing thoughts I know I can never say. I’m not huge on the public speaking stuff, at least, I’m not bad at it but I’d rather avoid it. Besides, it takes me a really long time to get used to new people and environments, and I’m the last person you’d ever want to have small talk with.
Writing gives me confidence. It gives me a voice and I know what to do, what to say. It’s as easy as the ink that flows out of the pen. Ever since I discovered this little hobby of mine, I’ve been opening up more, and I can smile genuinely without worrying about whether I’m being friendly or not. I’ve always liked making friends, and I think I’m better at it now.

Here in my little Scribble-Space (The word ‘Blog’ sounds dead serious and boring! Who made that word?!) you’ll find little odds and ends, my experiences, things we all can agree on….or at least 90% of us can agree on…or maybe 0.02% of us can agree on, and basically anything that has a story, and anything that catches my fancy.

Happy Blogging! 🙂