Candles and Flowers

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I have heard that, in the end,
Love always wins the war.

But in smaller battles,
When the gunman grins,
And flowers start to wither,
And hope melts away like candle wax,
And brothers turn against each other,
And angry embers are what remain,
Of seething, hateful flames…

Prayers cannot heal our burns,
Nor will Victory bring with it Peace.

Featured Image by Martina K, under CC license.

Motivation on Dark Days

I am only as weak as I make myself to be,
But I know I am stronger than most ever feel.
So, even from the ground, I look to the sky,
Because I can go no lower,
But higher I can fly.

Feature Image: welcome new light by Alice Popkorn on Flickr

A Teenager

This is for the most misunderstood humans on the planet. 😛
Enjoy! 😀
DISCLAIMER: The poem is NOT a true story or self-reflection. Just the rantings of any average teenager.


I am a teenager,
I do my chores daily,
I grumble as I do them,
But I do them all the same.

I am a teenager,
I have homework every day,
I grumble ’cause I’m tired,
But I write it anyway.

I am a teenager,
And I am an emotional disaster,
I grumble ’cause I’ve mood swings,
That keep swinging through the day.

I am a teenager,
I have a younger brother and sister,
I grumble ’cause they’re annoying,
But I’m protective of them all the same.

I am a teenager,
And suddenly THAT person is cute,
I grumble ’cause I used to hate him,
And we are enemies to this day!

I am a teenager,
And I’m often misunderstood,
I grumble ’cause they’re mistaken,
But I’m patient all the same.

I am a teenager,
I am not a kid any more,
I grumble ’cause I want to be,
As free as a bird once more.

But I am a teenager,
And I have decisions to make,
I grumble ’cause the time has come,
But I knew it would come anyway.

So I say that I’m a teenager,
And no extraordinary one either,
I grumble ’cause I know this,
But I’m happy it’s this way!

– Rithika Cherukat 🙂