The One Great Selfie (And the Several Bad Ones)

Exams just got over, and I feel a bit lost as to what to do about these bits of odds and ends randomly arranged from almost a month ago. I guess I’ll leave them as they are.


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20140912_220256 20140912_221105  20140912_215236I think, now, that the title is self-explanatory. 😛
Alright, I’ll proceed without making a worse mess of it…. :/

12th September 2014 – We won! Our school won the KITCO inter-school Quiz Competition! Ma was so happy, she looked positively stunned and couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry. 😀
It was tight competition, but Sharath and Narayan did brilliantly. I told them I would write something about the quiz, and I want to keep my word, even though exams are coming soon. 🙂

5th October 2014 – As usual, DPS shot ahead in the final buzzer round. It’s always the last round for us, always manages to give us a good shaking. Sometimes I wonder what we’d do without that round. This year too, my nerves were such a wreck! I had no idea the team would take my Poker-face strategy seriously though. That came as a surprise when they told me about it. “People don’t know what we are thinking about, if we are nervous, when we do that. It’s effective, you know. We’re all tensed inside, but it doesn’t show. It gives us confidence.”

6th October 2014- And then there was the Selfie question. Oh, thank God for that one! The quiz master, Andrew Scolt, asked what the word of the year 2013 was, our team answered, and got it right.  I took a lot of selfies (!!!) to commemorate the moment. It was that one question that got us in the lead, and ensured our win!

17th October 2014- Every time I peep into my site stats, I feel a bit guilty about leaving this draft as it is. I’m absolutely helpless because of the exams, but if they could drop everything and practice so hard for the quiz, surely I can keep my promise and finish this post!

22nd October 2014-I’ve got a bit of an idea about how much effort had been put into preparation for the quiz, and the more I think about it, the more I feel that our hard work is the reason we deserve our win. They start elimination tests almost a year before the actual quiz, and I know this from my own experiences back when I was in middle school and active in the quiz community, and from the sheer amount of question papers that Ma, a teacher in-charge, has been making ever since I started class 11 (something that ensured that I took part in as little extra-curricular activities as possible.) There’s a friend of mine in class 9, Robin, who shares facts about stuff on his blog, InfoPromethius. You can check it out here: InfoPromethius
I think that’s one thing that will do any quiz team a lot of good! (You can thank me later, Robin!)
They have practice sessions almost everyday. For the three or four months before the quiz, the routine is recess , five days a week. When they are not quizzing at school, they are discussing questions on the group chat. Random meetings are held at one of the team members’ house in the evenings with rapid fires and audio-visual rounds. Ma used to borrow many of my old question papers too. “Just to test their memory, if they remember these. A good memory is important.” She would say.
It makes me realize that this victory wasn’t just because of the team, but also because of everyone who put their effort into preparing them for that day, especially the teachers.
After all, don’t they say the people backstage are as important as the people in front? 😀

P.S- Lord, this turned out worse than I imagined! 😥 Forgive me, fair quiz community!