Say Hello.

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Rithika Cherukat aka Richa aka The Scribbler.

Born in the Year of the Tiger. Doesn’t look like it. As of 24/10/16, has the vibes of an eight year-old in an eighteen year-old’s body.

Donates blood on July 8th every year. Not. But I hope to, anyway. Blowing candles is too mainstream. So is O +ve, but that is just a minor setback.

Nerdy-pie. Tends to survive on a perfect blend of Arts-and-Science. And tea.

Ridiculously allergic to a variety of things. Might be interested in immunology for said reason.

NITKian. Chemical Engineer in-the-making.  Cadet in the NCC. Eccentric Ruminator. Bookaholic. Quizzer. Badminton player.

Likes to think I am mysterious and philosophical. Writes weird poetry and short stories due to spontaneous bursts of brain activity.

May or may not be functional depending on the mood and the time of the day.

Utterly miserable. Let’s be friends! 😛 🙂

Instagram: richa_cherukat98
Pinterest: Rithika Cherukat
Twitter: RichaCherukat

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