The Poetess’ Song

I am the Goddess of Emotions
And the Mistress of Prose.
I am the Devil who strikes Chaos,
And the Angel who brings Calm.

I’m the nightingale whose song,
Speaks of everlasting youth.
I’m the Sorceress whose magic,
Causes Misery and Pain.

I’m the Tranquil of the puddle and the Rage of the sea,
I’m the weak autumn leaf and the strong maple tree.
I’m the owl, hiding, silent, in the shadows of the Dark,
And the rooster whose crows wake the Dawn with a start.
I’m the fragrance of new blooms in the light of day,
And the stench of a carcass, rotting away.
I’m the drunkard who dances to ludicrous tunes,
And the scholar who preaches ‘bout things that I muse.
The pen is my sword and the paper my shield,
I am a knight who strikes with meaningful terms.

My words outlive me,
My vows never torn,
My thoughts are all linked,
In a beautiful Song.