Tumble Tumble!

Guess who just joined Tumblr?!
That’s right! Yours truly! 😀
Things would have been swell if I my brain came with built-in information about how to use it, though. I’m thoroughly confused. So, if someone out there can answer some of my queries, here goes: *Shouts into the void*
1) What’s the difference between blog theme and blog appearance? *echo*
2) What do I do with that reblog thingy? Is it like the reblog here? *echo*
3) WHERE IN THE WORLD DID MY BLOG URL GO?! *echo echo echo*
(I have a feeling this is because I’m on the mobile app though.)
4) Why are all my header and profile images flipping upside down? How can I fix this? *echo*
I know these questions are silly because a few days of snooping around will give me my answers. But I don’t have those few days. I have to study for finals you see. 😦
So yea, please do reply. ❤