The Missing Colour

Long time, no posting! ^^’

In February this year, the writing platform, Sweek, conducted a writing competition for Valentines’ Day. This story is my official entry for the competition, and although the competition got over a long time ago, I’d love for you to read, share and send your feedback!

Enjoy! XD

The Missing Colour

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Story Wars

I’ve just joined Story Wars, an online community of writers where you can write drafts for chapters of different stories, and compete for the majority vote. The draft that wins the vote gets selected to become the next chapter of the story! 😀

Check out my profile and drafts here: Richa – Story Wars

Candles and Flowers

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I have heard that, in the end,
Love always wins the war.

But in smaller battles,
When the gunman grins,
And flowers start to wither,
And hope melts away like candle wax,
And brothers turn against each other,
And angry embers are what remain,
Of seething, hateful flames…

Prayers cannot heal our burns,
Nor will Victory bring with it Peace.

Featured Image by Martina K, under CC license.

RIP Muhammad Ali

He says, ‘I’m the greatest the world’s ever seen
The heavyweight champion who came back again
My face is so pretty you don’t see a scar
Which proves I’m the king of the ring by far.’

-Johnny Wakelin, Black Superman. 

Rest in Peace, Muhammad Ali. Your legend will forever be remembered.

Board Results

Congratulations, Batch of 2016! We all deserve a cookie. 🙂
All the best for the future, everyone! 😀